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Find Lasting Relief From Back, Hip, & Pelvic Floor Issues!

Through our Signature Physical Therapy and Pilates Program, we’ll help you identify the root cause of your symptoms – so you can take charge of your life and be active again!

Break free from the cycle of discomfort

Many women silently carry the burden of pelvic floor issues. These things can be unbearable:

  • the embarrassment of leaking
  • the discomfort of prolapse 
  • the nagging back and hip pain

These symptoms rob you of the joy of everyday movement and activity.

Embrace a life of renewed confidence and become active again

Picture a life where you are connected to your body and every movement is free and effortless. 

Our Physical Therapy and Pilates program 

  • eliminates your symptoms in a lasting way
  • empowers you to strengthen your body
  • helps you gain confidence, 
  • live an active lifestyle again
  • avoid surgery and injections

This is not just physical therapy; it’s a path to reclaiming your vitality and rewriting your story.

Through Our Signature PT + Pilates Program, Discover the science of lasting change

We don’t just chase symptoms. Our expert practitioners go beyond the surface to identify the root cause of your symptoms. 

Through a personalized physical therapy and pilates program, we guide you in making real, sustainable changes.

Each session is a step towards improved function and a deeper connection with your body, bringing you closer to the active lifestyle you desire.

Our clients experience life-changing results


I was at a point in my life when I was in denial about my back pain and pushing through because I’m not a quitter. I was highly frustrated and only found hope and empowerment through these professionals. They are highly knowledgeable and I have come so far with their expertise, kindness, and compassion. I am able to do many activities that make sense for my 51-yr.-old body and feel blessed to have found them at a time when I thought I was destined to a life of pain. When you take care of your body, it takes care of you and sometimes you need a little or, in my case, a lot of guidance! I highly recommend Empower PT and Pilates!


I loved going to empower PT & Pilates! Karena is super professional, friendly and a great instructor! Thanks to their help I am finally (5years post partum) at the point of not being scared to exercise and worsen my DR. Thank you! I will definitely come back!

Lasting Relief In 3 Easy Steps:


Come in and see how we do things different here. You'll sit down with our practitioner to figure out what's going on and what the best next step is for you!


Unlike most symptom chasing treatments...we dive deep to get to the ROOT of the problem so that this problem doesn't come back any time soon!


We leave you feeling EMPOWERED and confident to continue feeling amazing on your own! You'll have improved posture, alignment, and balance throughout your body!

We’ve seen countless women reclaim their power

We understand the impact back, hip, and pelvic floor issues can have on your life and the desire to regain control over your body. 

We have dedicated ourselves to guiding women like you toward lasting wellness. With our deep knowledge and personalized approach, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Reclaim your life, rewrite your story!

Embark on a program that addresses your immediate discomfort and provides long-term benefits. With our program, you can:

✓ Strengthen your core and pelvic floor and alleviate discomfort
✓ Enjoy improved mobility and reduced back and hip pain
✓ Overcome bladder leakage and prolapse to regain confidence
✓ Receive personalized care from expert practitioners who understand your unique needs
✓ Live an active lifestyle without the limitations of pelvic floor issues
✓ Find lasting solutions without surgery or injections

Take the first step toward lasting change and renewed vitality. Schedule your free assessment now.

Meet Casey!

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Dr. Casey Murphy is a back and pelvic rehab specialist and the founder of Empower PT & Pilates. She believes there should be better access to GOOD healthcare that gets you REAL results and less turning people towards painkillers, injections, or surgeries… which are only masking the problem.

Casey’s a big believer that the body wants to thrive and feel it’s best! It just needs to know how – and that’s where we come in. Here at Empower we teach you what causes those little aches and pains, how to prevent them, and how to take charge of your health and body again!

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