Pilates & Pelvic Floor

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Mommy & Me


This Workshop Is For You!

Looking for a mom community?

Do you feel lost in your postpartum recovery??

Not sure where to start or how to not make things worse?

Do you just not feel strong or confident anymore since having babies?

Do you have fears or concerns of labor, delivery, or postpartum

Postpartum Life Can Feel Lonely...

Only $15

babies and kiddos Are Welcome! 

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This 60 min workshop will include conversation about all things pelvic floor and postpartum issues, followed by a 30 min Pilates workout perfect for anyone preparing for or recovering from birth or still struggling with postpartum issues. Kids are welcome but also feel free to come alone if you’re craving some me time!

Get Expert Advice and Learn How To Safely And Effective Restore Your Core & Pelvic Floor

Connect With Your Community and Your Pelvic Floor

Can't Make It?

If you answered Yes! to any of the questions above but can't make the workshop, we'd still love to see if we could help! These are very common concerns on a very important topic and it's difficult to find good resources! Apply to come in and meet with one of our specialists and we'll get all your questions answered!

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