Custom Orthotics in Arvada, CO

Discover How Custom Orthotics Can Ease Your Pain And Help To Re-align Your Body For Better Support!

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Are You Suffering with Knee Pain?
Do You Feel Off Balance?
Struggling with Sciatic Pain?
Do Your Feet Ache at The End of The Day?
Has Your Running Routine Been Limited Due to Shin Splints?
Have You Always Walked Hard and Are Starting To Feel The Repercussions?
Do You Feel The Pain of Plantar Fasciitis?
Does Your Back Pain Control Your Life?

Empower PT has a Footlevelers 3D Orthotics Scanner. Custom Orthotics help to support your foot and weight to protect your joints, alleviate pain, and help restore balance and alignment.

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We Even Offer Custom Orthotic Flip Flops! 



Athletic Shoes

We Offer a Variety of Styles Compatible With:

We understand your day to day - from the minute your feet hit the ground you are on the go, and we want to be sure you are confident in every step you take. Custom Orthotics will support your feet perfectly so you can stand tall and take on the day. These custom orthotics are great during pregnancy to help support your joints since your body is releasing relaxin, a hormone which causes the joints to be more flexible. By being proactive, restoring proper alignment, and supporting your joints you can avoid surgeries and medications in your future and continue leading the life you love!

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