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It's possible to feel strong and confident again!  We'll show you how!

We Help Adults Aged 40+ Find LASTING Solutions To Back, Hip, and Pelvic Problems So They Can Enjoy The Active Lifestyle They Imagined.

We are your go-to back, hip, and pelvic rehab specialist. We get down to the root cause of the problem, finding you LASTING relief so you don't have to worry about a future of painkillers, injections, or risky surgery. Our slogan is "adding years to life" because we want to teach you what causes those little aches and pains, how to prevent them, and how to take charge of your health and body again!

Often clients come to us frustrated and lacking hope because they've tried other things in the past that didn't work or because they've been told to just accept it and were never told about solutions like this.

We provide proven strategies to not only improve your problem but to keep it from coming back again.

Why We Are NOT Your

Traditional PT

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide top-notch care that uncovers the ROOT CAUSE and helps people get off the hamster wheel of traditional healthcare so they can find a real solution that doesn't involve the use of unnecessary medication, surgeries, or just chasing symptoms with no results!  And to provide clients with the pain-free and active life they imagined, helping them age strongly into all decades.

How We Do It...

Fix Your Imbalances and Alignment!

Find and Fix the Root Cause!

Get Back To Doing What You Love!

Get Stronger With The Empower System!

Most medical providers just treat the symptoms and never really get to the root cause leaving you with only temporary results. At Empower you'll get the most thorough assessment you've ever had and a custom plan to fix it!

You'll get one-on-one, hands on treatment and individualized corrective exercises to address your imbalances and postural alignment. Relieve pain quickly, move better, and feel stronger as we address the underlying cause of your pain. 

Our proven treatment system has helped so many end frustration and get them the lasting results they've been looking for.
​We teach you how to prevent problems from ever coming back again in the future. 

We will set you on the right path so you never have to worry about a future getting old & stiff or relying on painkillers & surgery. We'll help you get back to doing whatever it is that you love to do... and help you be able to do it for years to come!

Who We Help...

...who want to keep their bodies healthy by eating right, staying active, and avoiding daily aches and pains.


...who love hiking, biking, skiing, running and anything else Colorado has to offer but have the occasional or chronic aches and pains slowing them down. They would rather know that they can enjoy these things for years to come without worrying about pain or injury getting in their way!


...who suffer from peeing their pants or unsolved back or hip pain. They want to be active but can't seem to get anywhere without embarrassment or aggravating the pain. Nothing they have tried seems to give them any lasting relief. 


...who feel like they never got their bodies back after baby and want to be more confident in their active lives so they can keep up with their kids, jump on trampolines, laugh with girlfriends, and have pleasurable sex.


...who want to live active lives so they can keep up with their grandchildren, visit with friends, and take vacations without worrying about pain or stiffness ruining their plans. 


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