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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist WANTED!

Tired of seeing 14-20 patients per day?

Feeling exhausted and burned out and wondering if you went into the right profession?

Sick of playing the insurance games and doing the paperwork needed to get paid?

Are you looking for true MENTORSHIP? You get excited when you learn and grow and want to become on of the best physical therapy assistants?

Are you looking for one on one training weekly by a top physical therapist in the profession?

If So... Then We Might Be Just The Position You're Looking For...

We are a physical therapy clinic in Arvada, CO that focuses on empowering patients to stay active and mobile without having procedures such as surgery, taking medications, or having injections. We empower patients with education to equip them to understanding what is going on with them and provide them the tools to take their health into their own hands.

We are out of network with insurance companies which means we are in control to provide the service that our clients deserve. This creates a great lifestyle most Physical Therapy Assistant’s dream of, such as:

  • Complete focus on one patient at a time, as we see each patient for 60 minutes of one on one treatments.
  • ​Being able to see 6-8 patients a day. Go home feeling energized, not exhausted.
  • ​Have one-on-one mentorship and training every week – no matter your experience or skill level – to practice skills and go over cases.
  • ​Most importantly… you get to use your talents and passion (you know, the thing that made you want to become a PT to begin with) to make a REAL difference in people’s lives.
  • ​Looking for a community and family to work for, not a corporation.

About Empower PT + Pilates

Empower PT+ Pilates is not your typical physical therapy or health care clinic – we aren’t your typical fitness studio. We specialize in helping people stay active and healthy, enjoying life for the long haul without relying on painkillers, injections, or surgeries – so they can enjoy all Colorado has to offer instead of wasting time and money in doctor’s offices. We use physical therapy and Pilates to end pain and frustration and provide confidence and clarity.

Who Should Apply...

What We Are Looking For: