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Exercises That Can Help Strengthen Your Core

Having a strong core can be life-changing. So understanding the exercises you can do to help strengthen your core is important and vital to your overall health.  

Injury prevention is the number one reason that most benefit from having a stronger core.

It can help the other muscles around the body’s core in preventing overuse and prevent the other muscles from having issues as a breakdown of the body’s support system.  

Your core muscles play a crucial part in your daily activities, from getting out of bed to strolling down the street and bending down to grab your bag, and the stronger they are the easier those activities become and you can do these activities without worrying about pulling or straining muscles because the core is doing its job.  

Balance and stability, reducing back pain, improving posture, and lifting becomes easier when you’ve been able to strengthen your core muscles.

When the core has gotten weak, the other muscles have to work hard to make up for the lack of strength in that area. It ends up being the cause of strains, pulls, and pain in the back, and tightness in the hips, pelvic floor, and other parts of the body. 

The core is the support system of the body and it needs to be a focus when exercising. Many know a few basic exercises to help strengthen those muscles, and hopefully, we can give you a few more to throw into your routine to help you on your way to getting your core stronger.  

Exercises That Will Strengthen Your Core Muscles 

  • Supine March 

Lie on your back with your knees bent.  Start by tightening the transverse abdominis muscle (think about fogging up a mirror). Slowly march one leg at a time, raising about 3-4 inches.

Monitor your hip bones for movement by placing your fingers on the hip bones. Attempt to stabilize your pelvis (hip bones) by keeping the abdominals tight, eliminating any movement from under your fingers.  

  • Plank 

Rest your forearms on the floor, elbows just behind your shoulders, and hands front, arms parallel. Stretch your legs behind you and place your toes on the floor. 

From your shoulders to your heels, your body should create a single straight line. 

To maintain your lower back straight, squeeze your whole core, glutes, and quads, and tuck your buttocks slightly under. 

Check that you are not lowering your hips or lifting your buttocks up toward the ceiling. Adjust your head so that your neck is neutral and your attention is on your hands. Maintain this stance. 

  • Knee Hovers 

Get on your hands and knees. Wrists under shoulders and knee under hips. As you exhale, engage your deep core and hover your knees an inch off the ground.

Hold for 3-10 seconds and slowly lower to the ground. Repeat 5-10 times.

  • Bird Dog 

Start on your hands and knees. Exhale, engage your deep core, and slowly raise the opposite arm and opposite leg. Avoid arching your back or shifting your hips

Keep your core engaged as you progressively lower yourself back to your starting position and switch sides.

  • Bridge 

Lie on your back with your knees bend. Keeping a small space under your low back. Gently engage your core and your glutes.

Raise your hips so that your knees and shoulders form a straight line.

Hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds. Return to the beginning posture by lowering the hips. 

Want More Exercises, Join Us For A Pilates Class and Strengthen That Core 

Core strength can be vital for anyone hoping to avoid back pain, increase stability and balance, and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. We offer a Pilates class that would be a perfect way to introduce yourself to the many muscles that are so important to the body and the muscles that keep you healthy and active. Contact our team to join our free 30-minute Pilates Taster Session in Arvada. 

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