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Pilates is the Secret To Staying Young

And, Active, and Mobile Even In Your 60s And 70s!

Did you know that research shows that regular Pilates can ward off aches and pains, and help us stay sharp, active, and vibrant well into our 60s, 70s, and beyond?

You might think of Pilates as a ‘fad’ just for the young and flexible or only for women.

But that’s not true!

Pilates is for absolutely ANYONE.

Regardless of age, fitness level, or gender, anyone can do it, and I strongly encourage you to try it out!

Just a few months ago, I recommended these activities to my client Sharon, aged 61 from Arvada, to alleviate her lower back pain…

And you know what? Sharon has been going to Pilates twice a week, every week, ever since!

Pilates is a simple yet effective exercise routine that can be done by anyone, at any age. And the best thing?…

Pilates is low-impact and not intended to be ‘strenuous’, allowing you to proceed at your own pace without breaking a sweat.

However, it WILL challenge your body in ways you’ve never imagined, ideal for keeping your joints mobile and pain-free.

In addition to being excellent stress relievers, these exercises simultaneously enhance flexibility and strength.

They also strengthen your core, crucial for maintaining good posture as you age.

It might feel unfamiliar initially if you’ve never attempted these exercises before. However, for many, including my client Sharon, within six weeks, they’re hooked.

It evolves into a sustainable, healthy habit.

Try our Free Pilates Taster to meet our specialized instructors, ensuring it’s right for you and that you love it! We’ll also guide you on where to start.

Our private and small group classes are designed to guide you through safe and effective movements where you will never feel lost or unsure if you are doing things correctly. Perfect for those who just end up in more pain after working out. 

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