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What Causes Lower Back Pain In Females

Lower back pain can affect everyone, but certain conditions are more common for women.

Menstrual Cycle

Female hormones significantly influence various muscle and bone conditions, potentially heightening sensitivity. During the menstrual cycle, pain levels may elevate.

Home remedies like heat pads or hot water bottles can alleviate menstrual discomfort. This pain can be more severe if there are underlying issues or existing injuries in the low back.

However, if underlying issues or injuries exist in the lower back, the pain may intensify. It’s crucial to fully address back problems for lasting relief, rather than merely masking symptoms.


During pregnancy, back pain is often caused due to the pressure placed on the spine and back muscles by the growing baby.

Pregnancy pain can result from hormonal changes, as relaxin loosens pelvic ligaments for the baby’s growth.

From a birthing perspective, this is very useful, however, it does reduce the support around your spine and hips leading to discomfort.


During menopause, declining estrogen levels accelerate the degeneration of your spine which increases the likelihood of aches, injuries, and a loss of strength.

While menopause is unavoidable, there are certainly ways to reduce its impact.

For those approaching menopause, our best advice would be to treat your pain now, to avoid more discomfort later on.

Poor Posture can lead to pain

For females, poor posture can develop over years of wearing high heels, carrying heavy bags and incorrect lifting patterns when carrying young children.

Improve common issues: limit high heels, switch sides carrying bags, and lift children with knees bent and back straight.


Endometriosis is a condition that can cause severe abdominal and back pain, especially during menstruation.

The discomfort is caused by the endometrium – the tissue that usually lines your uterus – growing on the outside of the uterus.

This can be a very difficult condition to manage, however there are ways to ease the back when it strikes.

How To Get Natural Pain Relief :

If you’re struggling with agonizing pain that’s making it difficult to sleep, look after the home and family, and enjoy your hobbies, our team is here to help.

Thankfully, our team can provide drug-free relief and help women like you feel happier and healthier and end their frustrating back pain.

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