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Why Your Back Pain Keeps Coming Back

Top 5 reasons you have back pain

Over 80% of people face recurring back pain, with periods of relief followed by relapses every few months.​ Recurring pain leads to daily frustration and fear, hindering once-enjoyed activities.

So why does the pain go away for a while and then come back? 

Here are the Top 5 reasons I have seen in 10+ years of treating athletes and active people:

1. Inaction:

As a physical therapist, I often hear about recurring back pain. Many simply resort to pain medication or do nothing, hoping the pain will vanish. Fear of making the wrong choice often prevents action. To address this, my clinic offers free options for people to explore solutions before committing to treatment. It’s a chance for them to find what works best for their pain.

2. Past Treatment(s) Didn’t Address the Underlying Issue:

Received prior treatment? It may have relieved symptoms but not tackled the underlying issue, leading to recurrent pain.

3. You Didn’t Follow Through With Your Treatment Plan and/or “Homework”:

Sometimes, patients stop effective treatment prematurely, leading to flare-ups later. Continuing treatment fully is crucial to prevent recurrence.

A few neglect their physical therapy “homework”, crucial for recovery. In just 2% of your week, sessions are limited. Your efforts outside greatly impact results.

4. You Progressed Your Activity Level Too Quickly

Another common cause of recurrent pain is overexertion. Patients often feel better and engage in intense activities, such as long bike rides or boot camp classes, without proper conditioning, leading to flare-ups.

You’re probably chuckling right now… not because the examples are that funny, but because you know you’ve been guilty of this too.

I understand that when the pain starts to go away, you get excited to do the things you love again. Our job is to help you make sure your activity level makes sense with your treatment plan – both short and long-term.

5. The Rest of Your Life Isn’t Healthy

Poor sleep, stress, overwork, and unhealthy eating impact recovery and outcomes. We’re committed to helping you adopt a healthier lifestyle for lasting results.

So there you have it – the 5 most common reasons back pain comes back.

I hope this article is able to help you make a better decision for your health and if you think a friend or family member would benefit from reading this (or needs to read it), feel free to forward it to them.

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