Does your group fitness instructor IGNORE you?

February 2, 2023

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Group fitness class.

Is your group fitness instructor ignoring you?

You’re in a group exercise class – maybe lifting weights, or punching bags, or holding a plank, or dancing….

And you feel a little lost.

Should you be feeling this in your hip flexors??  Are your feet too close together? When your shoulder starts hurting, should you stop or push through it?

We love group fitness classes as much as the next person. The contagious energy, the instructor continually pushing you, the encouragement from peers and the competitive nature…

But with many of these classes filling with more and more people, how much individualized attention do you actually get from your instructor?

Do you feel like you have a good handle on all of the exercises and movements? Is your form continually being corrected to achieve perfection? Do you always feel safe? Do you understand 100% of the verbal instructions from the instructor?

We didn’t think so.

This is no fault of the instructor! This is simply just the nature of these classes. With 8, 15, or even 20+ people to continually watch over, there is only so much that an instructor can do.

These classes certainly serve a purpose, and they can be fun too!

But how many times have you walked into a new fitness studio, taken a group class, and felt completely lost half the time?

We’ve certainly been there. . .

This is why one-on-one training is so important before jumping into a group class. It allows you to achieve a good understanding of the foundation of the specific movements, receive hands-on cueing, and benefit from a specialist’s absolute undivided attention. 

Especially if you are recovering from an injury – or even more importantly, if you have been suffering with specific pain or tightness for a long time – private sessions are KEY

Before jumping fully into a group setting, where unfortunately you’ll get a lot of encouragement but very little individualized instruction or guidance, it’s helpful to know exactly what you and your body need.

The goal should be mastery of form before jumping into a group class.

Unfortunately in a crowded group setting, because you are not being continuously watched, cued and corrected, you might hurt yourself because of poor form, develop bad movement patterns and habits, and feel SO lost in the process as well.

Does all of this sound really familiar? Are you currently taking group classes, but looking for more?

We would love to offer you a FREE one-on-one Pilates Session, where you will get a much better understanding of the foundational principles of movements and Pilates, proper hands-on cueing, and individualized attention tailored specifically to your goals… we ALWAYS promise you our undivided attention!

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