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Understanding Joint Pain

Joint pain diagnosis isn’t as scary as it seems

Are your joints bone-on-bone? Don’t worry—it’s not as scary as it sounds. If you’ve been advised for a joint replacement after cortisone injections, know that they only provide temporary relief. Facing surgery, you’re likely seeking alternatives. Good news: there’s a 90% chance your joint pain isn’t solely from bone-on-bone joint

Discover how addressing muscle compensation and posture can alleviate pain and improve mobility, avoiding the need for surgery altogether.

You saw it on the MRI, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Muscles compensating for years affect your gait, posture, and ultimately, your joints. Orthopedic practices often overlook these complexities, opting for quick fixes like injections or surgery.

How is that possible??? 

The images (MRI, X-ray, etc.) often provide only a partial view, focusing solely on the joint without considering the long-term effects of muscle compensation on your gait, posture, and subsequent stress on other areas like the hip, lower back, and knee.

This might be one of my BIGGEST frustrations in the orthopedic world . Doctors will just nonchalantly recommend injections and surgeries without EVER considering what caused this joint pain and deterioration in the first place!! 

Joint replacements AREN’T NORMAL!

Joint replacements are not just a part of life…

If your car has poor alignment and is wearing your left tires down unevenly… do you just change the tires, knowing it will just happen again? Or do you fix the alignment, the true reason why the tires are wearing in the first place?? 

Of course you fix the alignment of your tires. So why do we just “change the tires” on our bodies?? 

Cars are replaceable. Our bodies are not – and joints shouldn’t be either.

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