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Functional Urinary Incontinence

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Picture this: You’re out with friends, having a great time, sharing laughter, and enjoying yourself. Suddenly, a burst of laughter sends you rushing to the restroom, leaving you feeling embarrassed and self-conscious. Sound familiar? If this scenario strikes a chord with you, you’re not alone. Many women experience moments like these, moments that can shatter […]

What Is Functional Urinary Incontinence?

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Hey there, my amazing Arvada neighbors! It’s Casey Murphy, your local physical therapist, and I’m here to talk about something that’s keeping many of you up at night—literally. Imagine this: You’ve had a full day, and all you want is a good night’s sleep. But as you lay down, that uncomfortable feeling down below starts […]

How To Sleep With A Prolapsed Bladder

Physical Therapy

Sleeping With Prolapsed Bladder.

Without Surgery Prolapse is a condition that can disrupt your daily life in more ways than one. Do you like going on long walks or going cycling? Say goodbye. Not only does prolapse pain affect you physically, but it can have an astronomical effect on your well-being. The discomfort, pain, and limitations caused by prolapse […]

3 Ways To Fix Your Prolapse

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Exercise is a crucial part of the recovery process after childbirth. It not only helps you get back in shape, it also helps your body heal faster and more effectively. Exercise promotes healing, improves circulation, reduces swelling, and increases endorphins. It also reduces stress levels and helps with post-birth mood swings or depression. Regular exercise […]

Essential Tips for Running without injury: A Guide for Beginners Whether you’re a novice or seasoned runner, staying injury-free is paramount. Here’s what you need to know before you hit the pavement on your lunch break so you can enjoy running without injury: Why do some runners seem to always get injured while others are […]

Running without Injury

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Here’s Why… Do you find yourself wondering how and when you got so old?  Are you waking up with achy joints each morning finding it harder and harder to get out of bed?  Does it take you a while to get moving in the morning or after sitting too long?  You’re not alone!  This happens […]

Stiff Achy Joints?

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What are the 3 things you MUST have to support healthy joints and live pain-free & injury-free? Why are they important?? Good stability is essential for maintaining mobility; simply stretching won’t suffice for improving mobility and living pain-free. Relying solely on yoga may not prevent injuries and could potentially cause harm. We need all 3 to […]

Beyond “Bone-on-Bone” Diagnosis of joint pain ​ Joint pain diagnosis isn’t as scary as it seems Are your joints bone-on-bone? Don’t worry—it’s not as scary as it sounds. If you’ve been advised for a joint replacement after cortisone injections, know that they only provide temporary relief. Facing surgery, you’re likely seeking alternatives. Good news: there’s […]

Understanding Joint Pain

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Why Stretching Isn’t the Answer… Yes, we’re talking about you, tight hip flexors and hamstrings.  We hear this often… “I’ve been stretching my [insert muscle here], and it doesn’t ever seem to loosen.” Or “what’s the best stretch for my…” and “I do all of this stretching, but my back STILL hurts!”Does any of this […]

Got Tight Hip Flexors?

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