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Functional Urinary Incontinence

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Picture this: You’re out with friends, having a great time, sharing laughter, and enjoying yourself. Suddenly, a burst of laughter sends you rushing to the restroom, leaving you feeling embarrassed and self-conscious. Sound familiar? If this scenario strikes a chord with you, you’re not alone. Many women experience moments like these, moments that can shatter […]

What Is Functional Urinary Incontinence?

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As the years go by, many of us accept certain health issues as inevitable parts of aging. One such issue that often gets brushed under the rug is urinary incontinence. But is it truly a normal sign of aging, or have we been misled? Urinary incontinence can be more than just an inconvenience; it can […]

Is Urinary Incontinence A Normal Sign of Aging?

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Urinary Incontinence

Prolapse is a condition that can disrupt your daily life in more ways than one. Do you like going on long walks or going cycling? Say goodbye. Not only does prolapse pain affect you physically, but it can have an astronomical effect on your well-being. The discomfort, pain, and limitations caused by prolapse can make […]

3 Ways To Fix Your Prolapse Without Surgery

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Pelvic pain is a common issue for new mothers as their bodies adjust to the physical changes of pregnancy and childbirth. The pelvic floor muscles are especially affected; during pregnancy, increased weight and hormones can cause them to weaken and stretch, leading to lower back pain, incontinence, bladder urgency, constipation, and other issues. It’s important […]

New Mothers and Pelvic Pain

Exercise is a crucial part of the recovery process after childbirth. It not only helps you get back in shape, it also helps your body heal faster and more effectively. Physical activity encourages increased blood flow to the area that’s healing, improves circulation, reduces swelling and inflammation, and boosts endorphins for an overall feeling of […]

Exercise Is Key In Postpartum Recovery

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People that struggle with incontinence often feel that it can impact their day-to-day, with a feeling that they are unable to enjoy being out and about in public because they are embarrassed because of leakage. You are not the only person that feels that way, nor will you be the last. 

6 Exercises To Help Treat Incontinence

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According to research, up to 20% of women have stopped participating in physical activities due to incontinence. Leakage is fairly prevalent when running or doing certain sorts of exercise, but it is not normal. You shouldn’t have to live with incontinence, and the good news is that you don’t have to. It is an uncomfortable […]

Hey mama, Did somebody tell you that peeing your pants while you exercise, sneeze, or run to the toilet is normal after you’ve had a baby? Leaking is caused by conditions called urinary incontinence, and if you struggle with this, I’m here to tell you some good news: Urinary incontinence is NOT normal! It’s actually super […]

Urinary Incontinence Treatment For Moms

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Do you sometimes laugh so hard that you pee just a little? Are you always wearing a panty liner to workout or play with the kids “just in case”?​Do you feel like it’s getting weak down there as you get older? Well, ladies… you’re NOT alone. Many women suffer from what we call stress urinary incontinence which […]

How To Stop Peeing Every Time You Sneeze, Laugh, Or Jump!

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