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Beyond “Bone-on-Bone” Diagnosis of joint pain ​ Joint pain diagnosis isn’t as scary as it seems Are your joints bone-on-bone? Don’t worry—it’s not as scary as it sounds. If you’ve been advised for a joint replacement after cortisone injections, know that they only provide temporary relief. Facing surgery, you’re likely seeking alternatives. Good news: there’s […]

Understanding Joint Pain

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How Sharon got her life back My client Sharon, 58, has two disc herniations and degenerating discs in her lumbar spine. She’s endured chronic back pain for a decade, worsening notably in the last three months. Getting out of bed was difficult, gardening impossible, and even short walks left her back so stiff and sore […]

10+ years of chronic back pain…

Back Pain

Getting an MRI of the back instead of physical therapy for back pain leads to a waste of $4,793! Dr. Murphy here! Did you know that Physical Therapists can tell you more about what’s wrong with your body than MRIs? That may sound like a crazy claim, but it’s true. A lot of times, MRIs, x-rays, […]

Do you need an MRI for back pain?

Back Pain

Are you experiencing hip or back pain when sitting on the floor? Does it feel like a challenge to get up from that position due to tightness? Playing with your little one shouldn’t be painful or frustrating. It’s a common complaint among many of our clients, and we hear you! If you’ve been sitting at […]

When it comes to your CORE, most of us need to go back to the basics to learn how to engage the core. This is especially for YOU if you’re athletic… You have probably heard of the core and been told that it should be a part of your workout routine… right? I find this […]

How To Actually Engage Your Core


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