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5 Ways To Help You Maintain A Healthy Back

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Top 5 reasons you have back pain Over 80% of people face recurring back pain, with periods of relief followed by relapses every few months.​ Recurring pain leads to daily frustration and fear, hindering once-enjoyed activities. So why does the pain go away for a while and then come back?  Here are the Top 5 […]

Why Your Back Pain Keeps Coming Back

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4 simple tips from a PT Can you believe it’s already April?? Time hasn’t felt quite the same recently. Is that just me? Spring is in full force, which means everyone has gotten back outside to enjoy the beautiful Colorado weather. But with your return to running, biking, hiking, or gardening… especially after months of […]

Ease your back pain

Back Pain

Hey mama, Did somebody tell you that peeing your pants while you exercise, sneeze, or run to the toilet is normal after you’ve had a baby? Leaking is caused by conditions called urinary incontinence, and if you struggle with this, I’m here to tell you some good news: Urinary incontinence is NOT normal! It’s actually super […]

Urinary Incontinence Treatment For Moms

Pelvic Floor

Clients frequently ask me this question: “Which is better, Pilates or yoga?” The answer varies depending on your goals. However, for clients recovering from persistent aches, pains, or injuries, Pilates is almost always the preferred choice. They are both great, but here’s why, as a Physical Therapist, I prefer Pilates and how I describe the […]

Is your group fitness instructor ignoring you? You’re in a group exercise class – maybe lifting weights, or punching bags, or holding a plank, or dancing…. And you feel a little lost. Should you be feeling this in your hip flexors??  Are your feet too close together? When your shoulder starts hurting, should you stop […]

Does your group fitness instructor IGNORE you?


Why Stretching Isn’t the Answer… Yes, we’re talking about you, tight hip flexors and hamstrings.  We hear this often… “I’ve been stretching my [insert muscle here], and it doesn’t ever seem to loosen.” Or “what’s the best stretch for my…” and “I do all of this stretching, but my back STILL hurts!”Does any of this […]

Got Tight Hip Flexors?

Physical Therapy

How Sharon got her life back My client Sharon, 58, has two disc herniations and degenerating discs in her lumbar spine. She’s endured chronic back pain for a decade, worsening notably in the last three months. Getting out of bed was difficult, gardening impossible, and even short walks left her back so stiff and sore […]

Getting an MRI of the back instead of physical therapy for back pain leads to a waste of $4,793! Dr. Murphy here! Did you know that Physical Therapists can tell you more about what’s wrong with your body than MRIs? That may sound like a crazy claim, but it’s true. A lot of times, MRIs, x-rays, […]

Do you need an MRI for back pain?

Back Pain

Are you experiencing hip or back pain when sitting on the floor? Does it feel like a challenge to get up from that position due to tightness? Playing with your little one shouldn’t be painful or frustrating. It’s a common complaint among many of our clients, and we hear you! If you’ve been sitting at […]

Say Goodbye to Hip and Back Pain

Back Pain

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